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star girl affirmation

star girl affirmation

you are what you think about most of the time.

our affirmations are meant to help you keep your thoughts in a healthy space.

print out and pin up, set as your wallpaper, share with a friend who needs the support, or use as a reference to guide your me minute!

download for FREE now.

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you are what you think.

ever heard the saying "your mind is your most powerful tool"? it's true! but let's face it, sometimes it needs a little TLC.

by centering your daily me minute practice around an affirmation that speaks to you, you'll prime your mind to:

  • think better thoughts
  • believe in yourself more
  • + start seeing those manifestations come to life!

pick the one that resonates with you most, or why not try them all? go ahead, be that overachiever.