you are what you think.

ever heard the saying "your mind is your most powerful tool"?

it's true! but let's face it, sometimes it needs a little TLC.

our FREE downloadable affirmations are meant to keep your thoughts in a healthy space.

by centering your daily me minute practice around an affirmation that speaks to you, you'll prime your mind to think better thoughts, believe in yourself, and start seeing those manifestations come to life!

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me minute 101

what is 'mindfulness'?

consider it a spa day for your mind, except you can take it whenever, wherever, and however you'd like. it's all about tuning in, not out.

whether you're taking a me minute or just embracing the present moment in your own way, practicing mindfulness can boost your mood, amp up your focus, and even strengthen your immune system.

not to mention, it's the ultimate self-love practice, giving you that warm fuzzy feeling from the inside out. (your mind, body, and soul will thank you later.)

what should i do during my mindfulness practice?

that's the best part: nothing! with a me minute, you don't have to silence your thoughts, focus on your breathing, sit in a fancy position, or repeat any mantras. if you do want to add a bit more guidance to your mindfulness practice, try using one of our affirmations above.

i'm afraid to sit in silence.

who isn't?! the good thing is, you don't have to. the trick is to distract yourself from your thoughts using the scent from our botanical essences.

how long should my practice be?

60 seconds will do the trick, but you can go as long as feels comfortable for you. no need to sit still for ages.

counting my breath triggers me.

then don't do it! there are a bunch of ways to practice mindfulness. our me minute only takes 60 seconds and uses the scent from our botanical essences to distract your churning thoughts - no counting, breathwork, or mantras involved.

how do i quiet my mind?

you don't! that's impossible. rather than quieting your mind, you distract your mind from churning thoughts with the scent from our botanical essences.

i don't have time for a consistent mindfulness practice.

do you have 60 seconds? that's all you need! figure out wherever this fits in your schedule - whether it's while you make your morning coffee, during your commute, in between meetings, or winding down after a long day.

i'm too stressed to start practicing mindfulness.

this is the biggest sign you should incorporate mindfulness into your routine, and exactly why we created the me minute!

start with whatever feels most comfortable and convenient to you - no judgment. as it becomes part of your daily routine, watch the stress slowly subside.