Aromatherapy for Mindfulness

Aromatherapy for Mindfulness

Live Fully in Every Moment

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Closeout!! Save 35% on all Pure Decadence products W/ Code: ABUNDANCE

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Find Your Essence

Mindful aromatherapy blends help you to move energy, shift perspective and connect to your deepest self.

Be Here Now | Juniper + Frankincense Aromatherapy Roll-On
  • Aromatherapy

    Simple and effective formulas Handcrafted using pure, unadulterated ingredients. Inspired by the ancient wisdom of traditional healers.

  • Ritual

    Become more conscious and aware in every moment with aromatherapy rituals that harness ancient mindfulness practices and the traditional wisdom of plant medicine.

  • Mindfulness

    Learn how to create a mindfulness lifestyle. Become conscious and aware in the present moment and take charge of your emotional well-being. Create the space you need to accomplish your life's purpose.

  • Affirmation

    Stay focused on what matters most to you. Pair your mindfulness practice with an affirmation and use our blends to reinforce your commitment to being present in every moment.

Live Life Now

Aromatherapy blends created to keep you present and aware and to help deepen the affects of your most sacred rituals. Recall and connect to your sacred moments during times when you are feeling less than grounded.
Live Life Now
  • Mindfulness Made Easy

    Mindfulness Made Easy

    Free, customized yoga and meditation practice videos pair with our aromatherapy blends and help to support you on your mindfulness journey.

    Mindfulness Made Easy
  • A New Kind of Aromatherapy

    A New Kind of Aromatherapy

    Exceptional quality ingredients allow for simple and effective product formulas that are 100% natural, vegan and cruelty free. There's no clubs to join, membership fees or hassle. We've done all the work for you.

    A New Kind of Aromatherapy
  • What I Think, I Become

    What I Think, I Become

    Aromatherapy blends that pair with thoughtful affirmations to provide a meaningful focal point for your mindfulness practice and help to build a nourishing scent-memory bond with your intention.

    What I Think, I Become

What People are Saying About Us

"I absolutely love it [Yoga Bliss]… It’s a really nice way to incorporate aromatherapy into your practice. What I love about it is that there are no preservatives, no dyes, no additives, nothing synthetic; so you know it’s a high quality, great product.”
"Rina's Blend provides a sense of grounding and depth. I knew the moment I first smelled it that it was a different scent than any other I had smelled and it has stayed with me ever since. When I find something that serves me in a higher way, I don't waiver from it. I hope it serves you as much as it has served me.”
This [Mindfulness] oil has become an essential part of my daily meditation practice.
"Your Yoga Mist spray now has a home right near my mats and props; I'm misting it each time I practice at home. A quality product and a heartfelt mission - THANK YOU for keeping it real and true to Nature.”

"for is not impermanence the very fragrance of our days?"

Be authentic. Live with passion. Drink the nectar of life!