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What is a Me Minute?

It's a quick scent-memory ritual that instantly helps you connect to the present moment and leaves you feeling calm and centered.

How Can a Me Minute Help Me?

Basically, it helps you to "snap out of it" by using your own scent-memory. The Me Minute helps to stop the churning of unhealthy thoughts and redirects your awareness to the present moment. Cool huh!?


How Can I Take a Me Minute?

It's so easy, you won't believe it.

1. apply Soulful Essence aromatherapy to your hands and cup over your nose and mouth.

2. inhale through your nose slowly and deeply. repeat.

3. focus your attention on the scent. if your thoughts drift away, don't worry, just return to the scent.

When Can I Take a Me Minute?

Anytime you need it! It's a great way to start or end your mindfulness practice like yoga or meditation and it can also be used during times of stress or agitation. We recommend you take a Me Minute as often as you like! Enjoy, you deserve it!