who we are

[our conception]

soulful essence was born out of necessity. our founder was searching for a way to relieve stress and create space to grow, but meditation always seemed out of reach. 

after multiple attempts + spending thousands of $$$ on traditional meditation training, she still struggled to build a consistent practice.

eventually she found that using essential oils during her meditation sessions was the only way she could sustain a consistent practice. the blend she created helped her stay rooted in the moment without distraction.

she found that they were a gateway drug to meditation, and the drug's side effects were as follows:

  • helped sustain a consistent practice
  • made regular meditation more enjoyable
  • less stress
  • more productivity
  • more time in the day
  • more compassion + tolerance
  • more easy to accomplish goals

[our history]

our product development has spanned over a decade including hundreds of farmers markets, trade shows and yoga studios.

our EO blends have proudly been featured in product showcases at denver startup week two years in a row.

we are honored that our oils are a key part in the professional practice of yoga and meditation teachers all across the country. 

how it's made


our oils are sourced from around the world, targeting regions where plants are known to be most potent.

things like growing conditions, soil, rainfall, and temperature all affect the chemical composition of the plant.

(for instance: lavender grown in texas will have different characteristics than lavender grown in bulgaria.)

we only use single origin oils to ensure superior quality and full transparency for you, the consumer.

[design + crafting]

all of our oils are blended and hand-bottled in miami, florida. 

each scent was developed by our founder and has been designed to help you let go of stress and deepen (or start!) your meditation practice.