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We’re All Connected 

Did you know the Everglades cleans, filters and acts as a water store for 1/3 of the drinking water in Florida? Fresh water flowing south from Lake Okeechobee provides a continuous supply of drinking water to South Florida and prevents salt-water intrusion in our aquifers. 

We Messed Up 
Over the past century, fresh water flowing South to the ‘Glades has been diverted to the ocean to accommodate development, agriculture and farming and has critically impacted the health of the Everglades and our supply of drinking water. That means we’re wasting tons of fresh water and preventing it from getting to where it’s needed most! 

We Know How to Fix It 

In order to undo mistakes from the past, we need to restore the ‘Glades to it’s former glory and allow fresh water to flow south and help replenish the Everglades. The great news is, the state of Florida now have a constitutional amendment allowing for land purchases to assist in restoration efforts that will secure the future of our water supply. Yay! 

How can I help?

Shop Soulful Essence! Proceeds from every bottle of mosquito repellent sold go directly to Everglades protection and restoration efforts championed by the Everglades Foundation.

Encourage your elected officials to act swiftly to release the funds needed for Everglades restoration efforts that will secure our fresh water supply.

Reduce your water consumption – Here are some simple water saving tips that can have a big impact!