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Soulful Essence provides simple, effective solutions for everyday life.


Our products provide unsurpassed sensual decadence that can only be found in nature. We feel it is important for each of us to take time out of our busy schedule and tune into the world around us. Doing so grounds and revitalizes us. Our products are designed to enrich your everyday life and make every moment special. We are extremely passionate about what goes into our products. All of our ingredients have been tried and tested to guarantee the highest quality and ensure your experience will be nothing less than perfect. Through the use of pure plant extracts we are able to capture the concentrated essence of nature (simply) without the use of alcohols, dyes, or artificial chemicals. Try them once and you will feel the difference. With Soulful Essence, nothing comes between you and nature. Find Your Essence


Sustainability, the cornerstone of Soulful Essence


We believe that in order to nurture ourselves, we must nurture our community.  Soulful Essence is committed to sustainability of our community, our economy and our environment. 

All Soulful Essence products are manufactured by hand, in the U.S.A.  The nature of our manufacturing process allows us to provide our workers, many of whom are single mothers, with flexible schedules that accommodate their lifestyles and allow them to take advantage of the time their children are in school, eliminating the need for expensive child care.  This allows us to provide flexible jobs that pay an actual living wage to people, right here, in our home town and do our part to support our local economy while helping to build a sustainable community. 

We also have a passionate commitment to protecting our natural environment.  From our suppliers, all the way to our manufacturing process, our packaging and the delivery to your door, every step of our process has been designed to ensure we have the smallest impact possible on or environment.  


At Soulful Essence, we feel that everyone must do their part to ensure a sustainable future. As such, all of our containers are made from 100% recyclable materials. We limit the use of plastics whenever possible and use recycled materials whenever we can. We ask that you do the same and carry on the cycle. Please reuse and recycle your product containers.