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We want to help you thrive! 

We believe that if you are in touch with nature, you are better able to tune into your center and lead a more mindful and joy filled life. Our purpose driven sprays and essential oils are made from a blend of carefully curated botanical extracts and based on the principles of aromatherapy. We source the highest quality ingredients to ensure superior effectiveness. Our ingredients are highly concentrated and unadulterated so there's no need to use synthetics, additives or isolates. Each of our products are designed to provide holistic and functional benefits with every use, so you can enjoy the full range of benefits each plant has to offer, just as mother nature intended.

Our Principles

• Honest and Convenient
• We strive to make your life simple and worry free
• We never use synthetics or chemical additives in any of our product formulas
• We only use ingredients that are grown without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides

Our Community
• Our products are produces by hand in our home town of Miami, Florida
• We partner with other small businesses to support our local economy
• We pay our workers a real, living wage

Simple & Effective
• We use only superior quality ingredients, made from minimally processed botanical extracts
• Our product formulas are simple and contain just what you need and nothing you don't
• We use thoughtful blending techniques to optimize the natural effectiveness of each ingredient

Environmental Consciousness
• Our ingredients are specifically chosen for their renewability and the impact they have on the local and global community
• We limit the use of plastics whenever possible and use recycled materials whenever we can
• Our product containers are made from 100% recyclable materials