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Soulful Essence was born out of a desire to find an alternative to the overwhelming number of synthetic household products on the market today.  Our founder, Jessica Brantley, suffers from asthma and allergies.  She found herself on a perpetual quest to find products that were not irritating to her symptoms.  To her dismay, she found that even products that claim to be "all natural" frequently contain synthetic fragrances and other artificial ingredients.  Instead of becoming discouraged, she set out to create her own products, free from artificial fragrances and synthetic chemicals. It wasn't long before she was receiving orders from friends and family members who loved her products too!  The rest is history.


Jessica draws her inspiration from her grandmother, who was always interested in natural remedies and do it yourself solutions.  They shared a love of gardening and cooking and always used the freshest ingredients available.   These early experiences shared with her grandmother led Jessica on a never ending quest to find new and exciting ways to combine natural ingredients.  By putting the skills her grandmother taught her to use, Jessica has created a unique method of combining botanical extracts based on their naturally occurring attributes.  Her blends are designed to optimize effectiveness naturally, and each has a specific use in mind.