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We all have our own rituals whether we know it or not. They help us to form habits; some of them healthy, others: not so much. Mindful rituals can create nurturing and empowering habits. Our aromatherapy blends are created to keep you present and aware and to help deepen the affects of your most sacred rituals. These blends help you to recall and connect to those sacred moments during those times when you are feeling less than grounded.

How Scent Works

Scent is processed differently than your other senses. Unlike sight, sound, taste and touch, smell is directly connected to the part of the brain that process memory and emotions. For example, sage makes some people think of Thanksgiving, cinnamon may evoke the memory a mother’s kitchen for others while, many find that coconut brings back thoughts of vacation. This is why you can recall and experience emotions vividly when you smell something familiar.

Our Ritual

Drawing upon this science, we've created a scent-memory ritual that leverages 
this amazing brain chemistry to help you feel more centered and present in your daily life. By combining mindfulness practices and the ancient wisdom of traditional plant medicine, we've developed a simple and profoundly nourishing way to become more conscious and aware in every moment.  Forming this new habit can be an indispensable tool to help you take charge of your emotional well-being and allow you to create the space you need to accomplish your life's purpose. This mindfulness ritual can help you to better manage feelings of stress, anxiety, sadness and anger, leaving room to focus on your higher self. Whether done in a sacred space during deeper practices like yoga or meditation, or accessed on-the-go in your car or office, the therapeutic benefits of this ritual can help you create a healing place where you can find your essence.

Are You Ready to Find Your Essence?

Our mindful scent-memory ritual is a great first step towards moving energy, shifting perspective and connecting to your deepest self.