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Are you ready to bask in blissful abundance? Do you want to help people deepen their mindfulness practices and create more joy in the world?  

On this page you'll find everything you need to be the best, brightest and most successful Soulful Essence affiliate ever!  Bookmark this page and use it as a guide to bring prosperity and abundance into your life. 

13 Ways to Become a Stellar Soulful Essence Affiliate

1. Talk about Soulful Essence products on your blog:
• review the products
• share your process - how do you use the products, how do they help you?
• share some of our fun DIY recipes or make one up on your own
2. Send a note to your mailing list or newsletter
3. Share the products on Instagram with your tribe
4. Use Hashtags. See below for hastag ideas.
5. Write about the products on Facebook and share your discount code.
6. Tweet about the products, don't forget to share your code!
7. Email friends and/or clients you think would benefit from the products.
8. Interview me about it on your blog… I promise it will be great!
9. Share the products on snapchat
10. Go nuts on Pinterest!  Ladies love to shop on Pinterest!
11. Make a youtube video! talk about the products and share your tips.
12. Start a Facebook live video and interact in real time with your tribe.
13. All of the above!

Talk • Share • Talk • Share • Talk • Share • Talk • Share

Remember, the more you talk about and share the products, the more comfortable your tribe will feel about buying them.

It’s like building a friendship. The more you see someone, the closer you get, the more opportunities they will have to connect with the products.

The More You Share, The More Money You Make!


People really like personalized reviews. Consider doing a video or blog review of the products.

  • Use your free intro product or Buy my products, try them out, then review them.
  • Make the review super searchable by making your heading something like “Affirmation Aromatherapy” or “Yoga, Meditation and Mindful Living”
  • Find images & blurb to include in your review here.

Get Creative, Go Wild

  • Why not document a month long personal journey and how the products help you in the process.
  • Do a yoga challenge and feature the products.
  • Create a workshop using the products. Experiment with doing something on-line and in person. (Need help, Just ask!)

There are so many profitable possibilities.  The options are endless!!!!


If you’re interested in possibly doing an interview, email me at jessica@soulfulessence.com
. If your interview request sounds like a good fit + there is an opening in my calendar, my team will get back with you to coordinate!

Add Incentives

Why don’t you:

  • do a giveaway contest on your blog of one of my products (and use the traffic & contest joy to get affiliate sales)
  • offer one of your own products or teaching/consulting/reading/healing services as a freebie bonus for everyone who buys one of my products through you.

Think of Soulful Essence as your new sponsoring advertiser.

Imagine: we're your new ad sponsor.

Link these ads to:

  • your website
  • blog sidebars
  • newsletter sidebars
  • bottoms of blog posts.

Become a Social Media Affiliate Goddess!

You can use Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook or any other social network to earn more money!

Why don’t you:

  • Add a link to soulfulessence.com in your Instagram bio and share your discount code there as well.
  • Tweet a link to the review you’ve done
  • Pin a Facebook post promoting the products to the top of your feed.
  • Instagram pictures of you using the products and include your discount code.
  • Make an update each day on social media and share how you are using the products that day.

Even more glorious abundance-making possibilities!

  • Put buttons, quotes or reviews in your next newsletter
  • Email people that you love & tell them if you think they would totally love one of my products
  • Post reviews on online forums
  • Do guest post on other blogs, mention one of Soulful Essence products and share your discount code.
  • Do a video review & include your discount code

Have Fun!

Get wild, Get creative! The more you share, the more your earn. Make miracles happen! It's all there waiting for you to take it!  May you be blessed with abundance and joy! 


Jessica XO