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Company Overview

Soulful Essence provides a new kind of aromatherapy that's designed to help you live a more authentic and passionate life. All of the aromatherapy blends I created are paired with a meaningful affirmation and are designed to be paired with mindfulness practices like Yoga and Meditation. I've created a very effective way to use these blends to help you build a powerful and nurturing scent-memory to your affirmation and blissful feelings you experience during your mindfulness practices. 

You can learn more about the inspiration behind Soulful Essence here.

About Soulful Essence Products

I've developed several aromatherapy blends and each has been created with a specific affirmation in mind. Each blend is available in three product types: Mist, Pure Essential Oil or Roll-On.  

All of our products are handcrafted using only the absolute highest quality, truly all natural, ingredients available.  They are free from all artificial ingredients, are 100% vegan and are never tested on animals.

Our essential oil go through the same quality control testing process as doTerra and Young Living oils. You can read more about there here.

How to Use Our Products - The Soulful Essence Difference

Every single Soulful Essence blend was designed to be different. Each was created with intention and they should be used with intention. That's why they've been paired with transformative affirmations. I've developed two methods to help you get the most out of my products. They are the Me Minute and Scent-Memory method.

Our Aromatherapy Blends

AbundanceBergamot and cinnamon offer a comforting, warm and sultry way to connect to your inner bliss. (Formerly known as Pure Decadence).  Learn more here.
Abundance Affirmation: I embrace and honor the bounty that surrounds me. I welcome joy and prosperity into my life.

BalanceEarthy and uplifting frankincense and lemongrass work together to help deepen breathing and relax the mind, body and spirit. (Formerly Yoga Bliss). Learn more here.
Balance Affirmation: I let go of what no longer serves me. I place my attention on what inspires growth.

VibrantSuper bright with hints of green and citrus. Eucalyptus and lemongrass work together to refresh emotions, combat agitation and soothe exhaustion. (Formerly Get the Funk Out). Learn more here.
Vibrant AffirmationI am fresh, aware and one with my truth. I am certain and inspired about my next step.

MindfulnessGrounding and introspective with hits of earth and wood. Juniper and frankincense work together to relieve tension, fortify the spirit and drive out negative thoughts and emotions. (Formerly Meditation Station). Learn more here.
Mindfulness AffirmationI am more than my churning thoughts. I experience the deep richness of the now.

PeaceCalming with earthy floral notes. French lavender helps to soothe, comfort and calm emotions. (Formerly Ouh La Lavender). Learn more here.
Peace Affirmation: Amidst outer chaos I maintain inner calm. I act from a deep strength within.

Other Products

Aromatherapy Diffuser - Our aromatherapy diffuser is the best way to enjoy our pure essential oil blends. This unit is extremely powerful and beats any other product on the market, hands down.  It's also super reliable and comes with excellent customer support, if you ever need it. Learn more here.

For the Body
Soulful Essence has a growing line of body products designed to keep you healthy, happy and to deepen your mind-body connection. Click the links below to learn more.
Lavender Lip Butter DIY Kit
Mosquito Repellent
Men's Beard Oil
Men's Shave Oil

Essential Oil Safety 

About Essential Oils

Essential oils are a complex mix of naturally occurring compounds that live inside of a plant. They are sometimes referred to as the “life force” of the plant.

Essential oils are highly concentrated so they should be used sparingly. In some instances, it takes thousands of pounds of plant material to make one pound of essential oil.  Because of this, undiluted essential oils can irritate skin.  Be sure to dilute essential oils in a carrier oil before they are used on the skin, or in baths.  Our Roll-Ons have already been diluted and are safe for use directly on the skin.

Common Sense Safety 

Be sure to keep all aromatherapy products out of reach of children and pets

Avoid contact of undiluted essential oils on your skin

If you have a medical condition, or are pregnant or nursing, be sure to talk to a medical practitioner before using aromatherapy or essential oils.