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Pet Care with Puppy Love - Product Review

Product - Puppy Love Dog Grooming Mist

My pets and family are important to me and I am happy that there is something I can use and know that it will not harm them...I loved using this spray. I have not only a dog but also a cat, and they can get into some trouble. Their troublesome smells can overpower the house sometimes. I use this on my German Shepherd, Blue, in between baths so he can stay fresh, and repel fleas from getting onto him when he goes outside. The spray freshens up my couches and bed where he lounges around. It also freshens up my car since Blue loves going for rides. Also, the days are getting just a little bit colder in California, and since he’s an older dog, (maybe it’s just me) but the spray seems to help him in easing his arthritic pain.  Two Classy Chicks