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It's All About the Bees

“If bees were to disappear from the globe, mankind would only have 4 years left to live.”

This is the quote that stuck out when I came across YBC’s Lauren Wotherspoon’s blog post about her
mission to save the bees. Lauren Wotherspoon is the Director of Events and Marketing for Yoga by Candace (if you remember Candace has previously shared her mindful living tips with us). Lauren was inspired after watching the documentary More Than Honey, where she learned about the business of honey and how bees are such an integral part of our food industry and survival.

After reading Lauren's post, I was inspired to help! She was kind enough to put me in contact with someone from the Friends of the Earth and I was able to set up an ongoing contribution to assist in their efforts save the bees!  As a result, we've been able to contribute a portion of all sales from our amazingly successful Lavender Lip Butter Kit sales to help save the bees. Yay!

We originally intended to make only 150 Lip Butter Kits and see how they were received. What we didn't know is how amazingly popular they would be.  We sold out in record time and we are overjoyed with the popularity. 

So we've decided to create another limited run of 150 kits to supply the holiday demand and raise even more money and awareness to help save the bees! We encourage you to get your Lip Butter Kit before they run out!


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