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Create. Share. Love

Cherie Marquez of Found + Gathered shares her creative genius with us this week!  She's taken our Organic Lavender Lip Butter DIY Kits to a new level. 

It was always our intention that the Lavender Lip Butter DIY Kits should be shared and be a way for your to share your creativity with others and we're thrilled that Cherie has provided us with such an inspirational guide! 

We'd love to see how you have used your kits!  We encourage you to share these Lip Butters with the people who matter most to you.

Gather your tribe and create them together or make them with love and give them to those you care about most.

Share your creativity. Share your love.
We started with 150 kits and only have 10 left!  Thank you so  much for your interest and support! Be sure to get your kit today, before they all run out!

Show us your creativity on Instagram and Facebook. Be an inspiration to others!


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