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Organic Lavender Lip Butter Kit Pre-Sale Starts Today!

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for! Pre-orders for our Organic Lavender Lip Butter DIY Kits begin today! We only have 150 kits available so be sure to get yours today!  If you pre-order this week you’ll save $4!

Order Your Lavender Lip Butter DIY Kit Today 

We’ve been working hard to provide you with a fun and easy way for you to be creative and enjoy quality time with your friends and loved ones.

I bet you’re wondering about a few things:

What is this kit?: Well, besides it being a great way to make your own organic lip butter, this kit is an opportunity to get together with your friends and family, shut out the noise and have some fun!  You can also have the fun all by yourself and give these cute little balms away as stocking stuffers...make sure you keep one for yourself!

What does the kit include?: All ingredients you need to make 4 organic lip butters:

    • Organic Shea Butter
    • All Natural Beewax
    • Organic Sunflower Seed Oil
    • Soulful Essence Ouh La Lavender Essential Oil
    • 4 eco-friendly lip butter containers
    • BONUS:  Nourishing cuticle oil bottle + recipe included

Are instructions included?: Yes! All of the kits come with step by step instructions, plus you can also refer to this awesome video that we made just for you!


We promise, this is the easiest and most stress free DIY project you’ve ever done! There’s no mess and no special tools required!

Here’s a step by step overview of what you can expect when making these awesome organic lip butters.

Step 1: Mix the organic shea butter and natural beeswax into a glass container to prepare for double boiler

Step 2:
Set up double boiler, add mix melting ingredients.

Step 3: Once melted. add in the organic sunflower seed oil and stir over heat

Step 4: Once all is melted, mix thoroughly and remove from heat. Let cool for a little bit and then add in the lavender oil.  

Step 5: Mix in Ouh La Lavender essential oil

Step 6: Pour the mixture into the 4 eco-friendly containers provided in the kit.  Let cool for about 20 minutes.


Step 7:  Get creative and make your own gift wrap!

Step 8: We can’t wait to see how creative you get with this! Tag us on instagram @soulfulessence and make sure you use our hashtag #soulfullybyyou so we can see your soulful creations!

We are excited to see how you put these together! Want ideas for how to make these in a group with friends? We had wonderful ideas during R&D for how these kits can help a group bond with those that matter most to you.  How about having a Wine and DIY night with the girls or Cookies and DIY with the kiddies.  

Order Your Kit Now

Let us know how you enjoy your kit. We cannot wait to see your photos!



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