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Motivation in a Bottle


I haven’t practiced yoga for almost two weeks! I’ve been down with a cold that I just couldn’t kick. I was taking every supplement, juicing and doing everything else I could think of, but I guess it just had to run its course. It’s times like this I have to remind myself to slow down and rest or I’ll never get over it. After much protest, that’s what I ended up doing.


I finally got over it late last week and my body was screaming to move and stretch, but part of me was still in lazy mode. I knew how much better I would feel if I got on the mat, so I decided to check out a class at Love Life Yoga Wellness Center, that recently opened in my neighborhood. I’m so happy I did! I decided to take a vinyasa class with Jessie Potter and it was divine.

I do have to admit that I still wasn’t thrilled with the idea of moving my butt when I got there. I laid down my mat and did a few stretches but I couldn’t bring my head into the present moment. It was a rainy day outside and that wasn’t helping either. Then I had a brilliant idea: Wait! I own an aromatherapy company and I make blends for this! (Sometimes it is true what they say about the cobblers’ children having no shoes!). So I dove into my bag and thankfully I had my Yoga Bliss mat spray with me. I spritzed it all over me and inhaled deeply. It was awesome. Don’t you just love how lemongrass makes everything better? I was starting to wake up and become aware of the room around me! I started talking to the other people in the class and we all played with the spray. I love making new friends! Then I had the best idea ever: I sprayed my hand towel (aka sweat towel. sexy, I know.) with that all that botanical goodness. Can I tell you how wonderful it was!?

Every time I used my towel to wipe my face I got a brand new breath of lemongrass. It really helped me stay present during the class and I was really able to focus on my breath (something I find challenging) so I was beyond thrilled! I think it’s funny that I can spend so much time around a product, and talking about it all the time, something I invented; yet I still can become so disconnected from it. That’s nuts! Another lesson in mindfulness strikes again!

So I guess the lesson for me is, take time to pause and remember why I started this business: to help people and to help myself live a more happy and contented life.

Do any of you use a tool to help you stay mindful during your practice? I’d love to hear what methods you use. Let me know in the comments below.


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