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Create a Permanent State of Harmony

Today on the blog we have Jugo Fresh’s Chef de Cuisine, Pamela Wasabi!

Pamela is a mother and plant based chef and is her mission is to help people have a different relationship/appreciation for food and nature!

She is a certified health coach and is currently studying Psychology of Food at the Institute of Psychology of eating.

Check out our conversation with Ms. Wasabi!

(SE) What does Mindfulness mean to you?

(PW) It’s a permanent state of harmony, when we can make time to act instead of reacting. It’s a love affair with the everything. It’s being here, now.

(SE)  What tools do you think are essential for living mindfully?

(PW) Connecting with nature, grounding ourselves either by spending time in the beach, or swimming in the ocean, or hanging in our garden, or sitting under the sun. Meditation, and self love are essential as well.

(SE) Do you have a mindfulness practice, if so, what does it look like?

(PW) The practice will be to “be open”. To be always aware of my surroundings. It’s to lend a smile or a hand to those who need it. To sparkle someone’s day with a hug. To pick up trash when it’s on my way. To thank for my food before eating it, to embrace nature. and to be thankful with our universe.

(SE) When did this practice begin?

(PW) Since I started my cleanse 80 days ago something in me opened up, and day by day I’ve evolved into being indeed more open, more aware, more connected, more centered and more in love.

(SE) What has this practice done for you as a person?

(PW) It has shown me the possibilities. That anything is possible. That we have the magic to manifest our thoughts and our best intentions. That our life is beautiful and we most share it from the bottom of our hearts with those who cross our path.

(SE) What advice would you give to someone who would like to incorporate a mindfulness practice into their daily routine but cannot find the time or the headspace?

(PW) I’ll tell them to ask themselves “why can’t they?” –only they hold their own answers and are the true owners of their own time.

(SE) Is there a particular practice you would recommend to cultivate mindfulness?

(PW) Love yourself at all costs. Tell yourself “I love you” every morning. Accept yourself as you come. Respect and trust your beautiful soul.

(SE) Can you list three, everyday things that we can do to stay in the present and live a mindful life?


  1. Thank for your soul-food before eating it and take your time to eat it.
  2. Spend time in Nature, even if it is a 5 minute break under the sun.
  3. Do a 10-15 minute breathing exercise.

(SE) Do you offer any type of mindfulness training? If so, can you provide details?

(PW) I offer inspiration through my writings, my cooking and my lifestyle. You can follow me on Instagram where I document and post information on integrative nutrition, relationship with food, and my personal path.

(SE) Are you currently working on anything you would like to share with the Soulful Essence community?

(PW) I will soon be doing public speaking about our relationship with food and love.

(SE) Is there anything else you would like to share?

(PW) I also offer private cooking classes --Peace & Love <3

Thank you Pamela for your time! Your perspective on mindful living is so beautiful! If you’d like to contact her for private cooking classes, check out her site: http://pamelawasabi.com/

Do you have any questions or comments for us or for Pamela? Drop a comment below!


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