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Give the Gift of Attention

It's day 3 of our 30 Days of Mindful Living!

We're reached out to industry experts all over the country to help us on our journey to mindfulness.

Today we speak with Elena Brower, mama, teacher, speaker and co-author of Art of Attention.

Elena has been teaching yoga and meditation since 1999! She offers  these practices as a way to approach our world with realistic revere and gratitude.

Read on for some powerful tips and lessons in mindful living!

(SE) What does Mindfulness mean to you?

(EB) Giving the gift of my attention - whether it's to myself, to my environment, to my family, or to my work.

(SE) What tools do you think are essential for living mindfully?

(EB )​Cooking our own food. Sleeping at least 7/8 hours. Physical contact. Talking face to face with friends.

(SE) Do you have a mindfulness practice, if so, what does it look like?

(EB)​Vedic Meditation twice daily. 20 minutes.

(SE) When did this practice begin?

(EB)​ When i met Thom Knoles, my teacher.

(SE) How did you get started?

(EB) ​Taking his 4 day course in NYC. Although I'd been "trying" to meditate for years; just inconsistently.

(SE) What has this practice done for you as a person?

(EB) This practice has made me softer, more kind, more steady and more creative.

(SE) What advice would you give to someone who would like to incorporate a mindfulness practice into their daily routine but cannot find the time or the headspace?

(EB) ​You will love your life much more once you take some daily distance from it all. Trust me!

(SE) We like how that sounds! Is there a particular practice you would recommend to cultivate mindfulness?

(EB) ​Listen to others when they're talking to you. Fully. Until they finish speaking. Formulate your response only once they're finished.

(SE) Can you list three, everyday things that we can do to stay in the present and live a mindful life?

​(EB) Meditate daily.

Cook at least one simple meal for yourself.

Ask your family/friends/partner what you can do better, daily.

(SE) Great suggestions and so easy to implement! Do you offer any type of mindfulness training? If so, can you provide details?


(SE) Are you currently working on anything you would like to share with the Soulful Essence community?

(EB) my meditation courses are becoming globally beloved for helping create a consistent, clear practice. ​Also, I’d like to announce that charm.yoga, my new clothing line - super clean, feminine, elegant collection for practice and life​, is coming soon! And as always, teach.yoga is my favourite free offering to the teachers.

(SE) Thank you for your time Elena! Is there anything else you would like to leave the Soulful Essence community with?

​(EB) Yes, one of my favorite quotes by Pema Chodron, “Remember to welcome the unwelcome.”

We are beyond grateful that Elena has taken the time to offer her insights on mindful living! Be sure to check Elena out on instagram and Facebook at: @elenaerower and her website: elenabrower.com

We hope you enjoyed Elena’s words of wisdom. Anything you’d like to add or ask? We’d love to hear from you!

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Have a lovely day!


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