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Spring Cleaning Day 26 - Schedule Some Me Time

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We all have the tendency to try and do too much. This spring be sure to make an effort to schedule some time for yourself. It's important to replenish your spirit and your body. Allow yourself a bit of time every day to catch up. Let your body and mind rest and recuperate.

Take a break from electronics and go for a stroll or sneak in a meditation or yoga class. You can even spend a few hours in bed with a book. It's up to you.

If you have trouble letting go and allowing yourself to settle down, try inhaling some Meditation Station essential oil blend. It will help to stop your racing mind and is excellent for stress relief. It's been specially designed to help bring on a relaxing frame of mind. 

Try diffusing it in your space or inhale right from the bottle if you need a quick hit.

What's our favorite way to unwind?


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