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Spring Cleaning Day 15 - Can't Face the Day?

Spring Cleaning - Can't Face the Day?Do you have a winter hangover? Are you feeling like you just can't face the day? It's really no surprise. After being closed off from the world for so long, it's tough to get up and go. It's hard to even find the motivation to do the things that will make you feel better. Exercise, eating right, meditation are all great ideas, but it's sometime difficult to do what needs to be done.

It's times like these that aromatherapy rules supreme. It's unbelievable how quickly exposure (especially inhalation) of essential oils can change your mood. The results can be instantaneous.

In order to cure a winter hangover, there is only one blend I use: Get the Funk Out. It instantly uplifts your mood, combats exhaustion and restlessness and wakes up all of your senses. I like to diffuse the oil in my home when I'm feel like I need a boost. The spray and roll-on are also great choices and perfect in you need a quick hit to change your mood. Enjoy!

What's your favorite winter hangover cure?



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