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Spring Cleaning Day 14 - Detox and Beautify

Spring Cleaning Detox and BeautifyIt's amazing how good something as simple as ginger and lemon tea can make you feel. Not only is it great for tummy aches and colds, but it's probably one of the best kept beauty secrets around.

Lemon has a tonic effect on the body, it helps you get rid of water and is also detoxifying. Ginger aids in digestion and helps to purify the body. Everyone knows that radiant, healthy skin starts with healthy digestion and this combo will knock the socks off of just about any other beauty regimen out there. I drink it every day. 

Here's my formula:
Boil 2-4 pieces of fresh ginger in a cup of water (no need to peel).
Let cool to drinking temperature and add 2-3 slices of Meyer lemons (you know they're my favorite). Be sure to keep the skin on so you can take advantage of those naturally occurring essential oils! Let the lemon steep a few minutes and you are good to go!

For an added boost you can add a bit of green, matcha tea: Boil ginger, add tea and lemon. Did you know adding lemon to matcha exponentially increases the health benefits of the tea? Wow!

Do you have a beauty secret you'd like to share? 



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