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Spring Cleaning Day 12 - Bond with Nature

Spring Cleaning Bond with NatureIt's springtime! That means it's time to celebrate and reconnect with nature.

After spending so much time indoors it feels good to get out and be with nature. It's also good for you! Studies have show that spending time in nature boots your mood, lowers stress levels and improves the immune system. Make sure you take advantage of this time of year and enjoy all that mother nature has to offer.

Make an effort to spend time outdoors. Take your laptop to the park to work when you can.  Try switching your workout routine to include activities like running or walking, which can easily be done outdoors. Breath new life into your yoga and meditation practices by moving your practice out into nature.

Spending time in nature helps you connect to your inner Self. Be sure to nurture that connection this spring.
What's your favorite springtime outdoor activity?



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