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Spring Cleaning Day 11 - Tea Time

Spring Cleaning Tea TimeSprint is a time for renewal and awakening. After a long winter we all crave to be refreshed and enlivened.  A great way to do that is by making your own herbal teas. They are a great way to detox and fortify your body, they can also make the transition from rest to active much easier. I love to mix and match herbs so I don't get board. Here are a few of my favorite spring time herbs and their uses.  (Always remember that some herbs can have a diuretic effect on the body, so always talk to your doctor before making your own herbal teas.)

Nettle: Tonic and is known to restore energy.

: Is known too clean the lymphatic congestion and aid digestion. I also love these flowers because they are so pretty!

: Rose hips have a great flavor and are rich in vitamin C. 

 Root and Leaves: Nourishing and detoxifying. My absolute favorite. (I also add these to my smoothies) 

: Rich in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Lemon Balm
: Rich in antioxidants and helps to support the immune system.

Hibiscus Flower
: Beautiful floral scent and appearance, also rich in

Orange Peels
: Uplifts the mood and is also great for digestion.

What's your favorite tea blend?



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