Spring Cleaning Day 10 - DIY Natural Cleaning Made Easy

Spring Cleaning NaturallyIf you google "DIY Natural Cleaning" you will literally find millions of results to sort through. However, the problem with DIY cleaning is that it requires a bit of extra time, first you have to make the products, then you have to get to the actual cleaning. Are you kidding me??? I hardly have time to clean in the first place! So here is my solution: I don't make DIY cleaning products (gasp!). 

Here's what I do: I keep a shaker (reuse an old cheese shaker) full of baking soda and a spray bottle full of vinegar and essential oils (2-3 drops/oz, don't forget to shake as you go) under my skin and just mix them together, as needed, while I'm cleaning. I just shake and spray my way around the house. It works for floors, toilets, tubs and counters. It also saves a heck of a lot of time!

Another challenge with DIY natural cleaning is figuring out which essential oils to use. The good news is we've got you covered there. We've created several blends that not only provide a wide array of aromatherapy benefits, but also
work to fight germs and deodorize.

Here are a few of my favorites for cleaning: 
Get the Funk Out
Meditation Station
Pure Decadence
Rina's Blend
Puppy Love

PS - If you would like more detailed product formulas, click here.

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