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Spring Cleaning Day 9 - Live in the Moment

Spring Cleaning Be PresentWe've all heard it before and we all try to do it: Be Present. Focus, concentrate, pay attention.  Live in the moment.  But in today's hyper active, fast paced world how do we manage it?

It's hard to be present and live in the moment when we all have so much to do.  Kids, work, parents, bills, boys, you name it, we're always thinking about something else and rarely are we concentrating on what we are doing.

I believe the key to being present is to simplify and slow down. Make a conscious effort to pause before you take action or start down a thought process that does not server you in the moment. Once it becomes a habit you will find it much easier to be present in every moment. It's also helpful to incorporate tools such as yoga, pranayama and meditation into your routine.

Aromatherapy is an excellent way to bring you back to the present moment and is an effective alternative when you are unable to practice. It also allows you to go much deeper into your Self when used with your practice. Two of my favorite blends that help you live in the moment are Get the Funk Out and Meditation Station.

What do you do to stay present in your daily life?



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