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Spring Cleaning Challenge Day 5

Spring Cleaning
Spring. The word can mean so much for a variety of reasons. It calls to mind visions of hope, rebirth, life….. and cleaning. Spring Cleaning. What if we took a moment to really concentrate on all the ways we could hone in on how we deserve to feel at peace, enlivened, while invoke our own form of inner “Spring Cleaning”?

After the cold of winter our minds drift from our inner core and explode into our outer world, like a crocus springing back into life after a long frost. We take the time we’ve spent hibernating both physically and spiritually and dance into our own new beginnings. Spring! If we take this time to rejuvenate our souls and our homes the inner balance we can achieve can set the stage for a new place of individual transformation in our lives.  

Soulful Essence hears your voice. We take the earth’s treasure and harness its life energy into products that give back our sense of inner peace and growth while at the same time giving back to each other. We’ve made it simple to get in touch with the silent, gleeful parts of ourselves by using aromatherapy and harnessing the earth’s energy into portable, usable bliss.

Spring CleaningIt is known that natural ingredients and aromas contained within them possess the secret power of clean, energizing, calming properties, among others. When it comes to doing your own home or spiritual spring cleaning, we have two great solutions to help with transition:

Meditation Station is based on Eastern and Native American shamanic botanicals.  This blend is designed to purify, cleanse and drive out negative thoughts and emotions.  It also helps to fortify and replenish your tired nerves and emotions.  It's an excellent way to clean, renew and create space in your home, your heart and your mind.

Get the Funk Out is designed to purify and enliven your home and your emotions.  It's excellent for soothing exhaustion and works wonders at fighting germs anywhere in your home.  This blend helps to awaken your senses, it's uplifting and helps to put a little pep in your step.  

                                                               ~ Chrissy Varela


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